TAXISY - the digital call center

  • Receive driving orders directly via TAXISY

  • You determine the fare

  • No entry fees

  • Online distribution tool included

  • Own TAXISY landing page for your company

  • Create and manage your own trips

Fewer empty runs

  • Find jobs near you with TAXISY

  • Expand your radius by adding more driver accounts

  • Unlimited & free user accounts

  • Receive also errand rides via TAXISY

TAXISY Marketplace

  • Offer own rides in TAXISY Marketplace

    and another TAXISY partner carries out your trip

  • Bridging capacity bottlenecks

  • Journeys are advertised in the TAXISY network

  • The best bidder for your ride will be displayed for your confirmation

Online payments with taxisy pay

  • Taxisy offers a direct connection to payment service providers

  • Let your customers pay by credit card or direct debit in the car

  • Send custom payment links to your customers and receive payments easily


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